Thursday, April 13, 2017

Surplus to requirements

I just junked two albums worth of material while weeding through an external disc drive of song ideas and riffs I've recorded over the past few years. A lot of it didn't age well for me and wasn't as good as I initially thought. Time to move on and not revisit that stuff. There are only so many hours in a day. The less you have to clutter your mind the better.  

I am still constantly working on new things, which is what makes the old stuff a surplus to requirements. I know I can do better. It's the only thing that keeps me alive and motivated everyday. 

The guitar is the only instrument I can play. I would love to be able to write on piano or even drums. That would force me to approach songwriting differently and perhaps make it even more interesting. I occasionally write around drum samples, loops and rhythms but that is about as far as I go with that. Physically playing and learning a new instrument at my age requires time I don't have. Being a father and earning a living takes precedence. 

Being a control freak with my own stuff doesn't help. It takes a long time for me to be happy with anything. I am certainly not one of those naturally gifted people who can play anything I hear in my head. My reach always extends my grasp, which in a way is a blessing in disguise because it gives me something to work towards.