Monday, January 09, 2017


What's my resolution and wish for 2017?

I don't have any resolutions because resolutions are for fools who will just break them by the second week.

I do have a goal and my goal this year is to downsize. Yes, I want to downsize everything from the size of pants to my guitar collection along with all other stuff I don't have time to use. A lot of things have been left languishing in storage.

The good thing about guitars, especially good ones, is that they will never drop in value if it is in good condition. You have heard stories about how some people have discovered a 1958 Gibson Les Paul in their store room and sold it for more than their house is worth. I don't have one of those unfortunately but with guitars in general you will get your money back and might even turn a profit if you bought it at a good price or when the exchange rate was favourable, like I did. I will be keeping a handful of my favourite ones, of course. I will never retire from playing the guitar. It's a life long thing.

Reducing my waistline so I can fit comfortably into my pants is also a goal. I don't bother with the weighing scale anymore these days. Staying healthy is enough. 

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