Thursday, October 22, 2015

Health is wealth

I'm back to working on music after a hiatus during the middle part of the year. There was a health crisis in the family. I'm glad to say that everything worked out for the best and things have returned to normal. Health is wealth. We take it for granted when we're busy chasing after other things. Make sure you and your family don't do anything at the expense of what is really important in life. It could all be over sooner than you think.

Mental health is equally important. Life may be short but it could feel incredibly long if you're not happy or struggling. We all need to do whatever it takes to pay the bills. However, apart from that, do what makes you happy even if it's only for short period of time everyday. You may need to stimulate your mind and creative juices rather than just be another cog in the wheel of everyday life. Having someone who sees the good in you also helps but you have to realise that happiness is a personal thing. No one can give it to you. You can't suddenly just choose to be happy and suddenly all the black clouds - or rather the haze that has engulfed us recently- will suddenly blow away. 

The luckiest people are those who are too busy to ponder existential problems. Their goal may be to make millions or billions of dollars or to chase whatever dreams they may have. If they are lucky, they will get what they want and life will be perfect. However, experience has shown me that human beings are rarely satisfied even if they have everything. Only those who would be happy regardless of whether they have a little or a lot in life, will find peace. If your happiness is subjected to variables, then it's out of your hands. We came into the world with nothing and we're going to leave empty handed too. As long as you don't leave chaos or carnage in your wake, you would have done alright.

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