Friday, January 16, 2015

Swimming Upstream

Back in 2004 at the Musiccanteen Christmas Eve Gig at Mont Kiara

There is scarcely any passion without struggle. Swimming upstream may be tough but some fish do it anyway. It is what keeps them going. For me, being on autopilot and paying bills while looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow usually rings hollow. I can't do it. However, even that can be a passion for some people, no matter how meaningless it eventually becomes.

I have never mixed what I'm passionate about with what I have to do to make a living. My view is that, you don't have to compromise if something is a labour of love. There is no better reward than just being able to do it. I know people who have turned what they love doing into a business and have ended up not being able to enjoy it much anymore. There are exceptions, of course. However, a business entails that you cater to the needs of customers who seek your service or product. It has nothing to do with what you like or want. In fact, you may not have the time or resources to do what you want anymore. Not everyone is lucky enough to have it both ways.

This post has been edited more times than I can count, just like most of my music. It's all about the editing. Music would be unlistenable and books would be unreadable if the writer can just vent superfluously without restraint. I've learnt through editing the book that I have been working on for years that although the content might change minimally, the way you say it makes all the difference. You have to constantly work at something in order to get better at it. That's what passion is all about. The results may vary.

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