Monday, January 27, 2014

Music update.

I have an acoustic album that is almost done. This time I've stripped it down drastically to a one man and his guitar type of thing. The last album taught me how to produce fully fleshed out songs on my own,with all the instrumentation and layers needed. As much fun as self producing the album was, I realised that some of the songs were not easy to pull off even with a three or four piece band. There were too many guitar parts and layers.

Apart from the acoustic album, I've also got an album's worth of songs that I want to do with a band. This time I'm restricting the guitar parts to what I can actually play live with a three piece. There is actually a lot I can already do in that context. It's just that when you record at home at your own leisure, you tend to hear parts and layers that need to be added to give the song something extra. I will continue doing that, but I'm going to keep the main integral parts and hooks as something that can easily be played live with one guitar. 

I have experimented with using a Loop Station pedal a little bit. It might well work at home but I am usually pretty sloppy and the opposite of technical when playing live. At home you have any number of takes. I can shred and play a little more complicated stuff these days but getting it clean and perfect might still take a while. So there will be solos but not too many self-indulgent ones. Mostly it is still about the songs and what I'm trying to say in the three to four minutes of running time. 

Will keep you posted. The release date will be mid year. I still have vocals to record. That is my Achilles' heel and my least favorite part of recording. I need to take some time off and work on it. Burning the midnight oil is something I can't do much of these days. I'm getting on in years...

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