Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Material

Considering I hardly update this page, I'm not surprised that hardly anyone checks in here anymore. However I will still update it periodically for people wondering if there is any new music available.

Work and family life are kicking my butt these days. I don't micro-manage anything but there are ways of doing things that help me get by. Let's just say when I have to do something, it normally gets done. I can only talk about it for so long.

I've always said that writing songs is easy but recording is hard work. Doing it right and making it sound great isn't easy especially when you're recording in your spare bedroom with minimal equipment. It can work and sound like a million bucks if done right but it can also sound like a train wreck. I don't demo my songs because I either record it well or let it go because it all takes effort. Plus there is no point recording anything more than once. You should move on to the next song if it doesn't work. That is what I have been doing.

The new song "Shadows" has been uploaded so check it out. It is a little different with the 6/8 time signature guitar riff and verse but it is still just another exercise in songwriting for me. It started out as a guitar instrumental but I managed to come up with a melody and some stream of consciousness lyrics for it.

Mixing it was a nightmare though. The guitar textures and layering were challenging because there were a lot of little parts intertwined. Getting the right tone and blend takes time. I'm not a recording engineer, producer or mixer but I know the sound I want and I strive for it even if it takes me forever.

Usually when I don't get it right I just leave the song and move on. Sadly a few songs have turned out that way. I might send them to someone else to mix if I feel the songs are worth putting out. However I see no point in spending good money on something unless I'm going to release it commercially. We'll see how it goes.

Email me at: amitabh@tragicomedysongs.com if you want to download any of the songs or get a copy of the last album. Or just drop me a line and give some suggestions on what type of songs to explore and write.