Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The Deftones are one of those bands I always check out when they put out an album. Curiously their stuff is always the same but different, if that makes sense. It's like a friend who changes over the years but is still very much the same person you've always liked.

I remember when I was studying in Buffalo, New York back in the 90's I missed the Warped Tour with them playing. There was a buzz about them on the first album but I only really got into them with the second album when they slowly found their sound.

Valentine's this year was special because I finally got to see them play. It was awesome and exceeded my expectations. The energy was incredible. The whole band was great but I was impressed with the presence of Chino, their front man. He didn't have to say much or pander to the crowd. The dude just did his stuff and sang his ass of and I have to say I am a bigger fan now than ever.

I recorded most of the show on my H1 Handy Recorder. It's a better souvenir and keepsake than any t-shirt I could have bought. I'll be playing it for my kid when he gets older. He already likes the song "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)". I played it once in the car while driving him and he wanted to listen to it over and over. Kids are like that. If they hear a song they like, they want to listen to it over and over again...well, my boy anyway. The only song of mine he wants to listen to over and over again is "Death Defying Stunt". It's great because it's a song I wrote for him. The fact that it's one of the heavier songs I've written doesn't bother him.