Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Soundscaping is like a drug to me these days. Music is a great coping mechanism. Guitar is my instrument of choice but it is not about the instrument really. It’s about what you hear in your head that puts you in a place to want to create. I have responsibilities and a day job that I have attend to everyday that drains me, to be honest. So having a creative outlet like music is like being let out of jail a few hours a day.

I have started experimenting with recording and other sounds other than just the guitar. Working with loops and samples and tweaking them to suit my needs is a whole lot of fun. Not having to work around someone else's schedule is also liberating. I miss playing in a band but I don’t miss waiting around for other people. Call me selfish or impatient but every minute I waste waiting for someone just kills my ideas and creativity.

Loop based recording is a Godsend. Playing the same thing twice is a waste of time. I only do that when I have to perform live. I would rather be working on another hook that adds to the song. Time is a factor as well because I only have a few hours a day to work on recording. I need to sleep too. Plus I have a boy who demands all my time when he's awake. So playing something tight and technically sound for 8 bars is all I am willing to lay down if it is a recurring part.

As a result I find myself layering and adding more textures since I don’t waste time unnecessarily. Even in the family business that I work at, it is always about the bigger picture, not that small part that will get people all worked up because it is not quite perfect. If everything works together as a whole, that is all that matters.

Most of the songs will be done by the end of the year hopefully. I am learning while recording and doing it solo, so it will take time. No one is helping me with any of this, which is good because I can test myself a little more and come up with weirder stuff without someone telling me it doesn't work. I'm not fixing a car here so don't tell me something doesn't work. I am a loner anyway so it suits me not having to deal with anyone but my own demons while I come up with something that hopefully will be worth listening to.

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mundane_90 said...

death defying stunt is so GOOD! keep it up man!