Friday, August 06, 2010

The Jester, The Clown and The Fool

I think I have the title for the next album. "The Jester, The Clown and The Fool" is actually the name of one of the new songs but I think it ties into the direction of the whole album. More on that later. These days I write music independently of the lyrics. Some of the lyrics are adapted from stuff I have written over the years. A few songs are straight out of a short novella that I wrote a while back but will probably never publish only because it has gone past it's sell by date. It's all on the external hard drive somewhere. Anyway most of this is an exercise in me trying to exorcise my demons and be a better person, nothing else. Won't be of interest to anyone else.

Recording has been slow but it has been moving along lately. Basic tracks for six songs are almost done. I'm working on the vocals. There are only so many hours in a day for me to work on it. Work and family life takes precedence. Quite honestly I stop recording when I feel as if I have to force myself to do it. However I need to develop a work ethic regarding the music or else I will never finish it.

The songs keep changing too. There is an EP of six acoustic songs and an album of at least 10 fully produced rock songs that are in various stages of production. These days it is quite easy for me to just record an idea because I just plug in and play into my laptop. But the delay comes in adding all the other bits that make it work. It will get done but it will have to be as good as the last album before I release anything. I am not gonna release demos.

The full album looks like it might have a concept going on. Years ago I wanted to do something that explored the subject matter in The Myth of Sisyphus by Camus...the absurd man and so on. I had a few songs but didn't get very far. Now it seems a lot of the songs tie into that sort of thing, so I'll see if it works. They are still just normal conventional songs. I am not the prog-rock type that will drag a song to 8 minutes just to make it look like an epic. For me it is the album as a whole that will speak for itself. It has to be fun to listen to. I approach it like watching a movie that is entertaining but has a little something extra that lingers on long after you watch it. That is how I want the album to turn out, a soundtrack that plays in my head while I live my life. Songs that I would want to listen to forever.

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mundane_90 said...

I am your biggest fan bro! Your songs are so darn catchy and the lyrics are just too good! You inspire me personally with your songwriting skills. Keep up with the good work!