Thursday, February 04, 2010

Death Defying Stunt

I'll have to get a live drummer to replace the drums for Death Defying Stunt when I get a chance. I just got the Drumcore software and they have session drummers like Matt Cameron and Stephen Perkins on there, so hopefully that is another option.

Here are lyric excerpts from Death Defying Stunt

Death Defying Stunt

Welcome son let us follow
This lifetime won't leave us tomorrow

Yeah, it's cold outside
Your warm embrace won't always save you
Live your life with smoke and mirrors
Life is just your death defying stunt

Only truth we know is death and taxes kills us all
But it's all a front
It don't mean nothing till we find a way
To make some sense of where we are today
Don't be afraid to live your life like it's your last
Cause life is just your death defying stunt

Been living much too long it seems
Are we just killing time
It's not too hard for us to see
We're living blind

Hey, we're death defying
Hey, let's death defy it