Friday, December 18, 2009

Year End Update

This year has passed by in a haze. Nothing seems to have changed in general although my boy has already started talking and I am finally getting somewhere with my new music. My music and my boy are tied together. I have Sidd to thank for lighting the fire in me to make music again. The way things are with music in this country it is a waste of time to pursue a commercial avenue with it. But that shouldn't stop me from making music and recording.

My best work is still ahead. You haven't heard anything yet. I have new music playing all day in my head and there aren't enough hours in the day for me to put it down. My guitar playing has also gotten better. My fingers are calloused and can do things it couldn't a year ago. Nothing gives me more freedom than playing the guitar. The guitar is my drug and mistress. I have become a guitar addict.

The guitar was my best friend growing up too. I wasn't the most social kid even though I grew up in a boarding school and had a lot of friends and people to deal with. When I wasn't on the football field I was in my room alone just noodling on the guitar. More often I just explored the fretboard and came up with my own stuff rather than play songs. I was learning by trial and error. That was always more fun.

I became a songwriter by default because people were always asking me if that was my song I was playing. The truth was I wasn't really thinking. I just played what sounded good to me and I guess it became part of me. Taste has something to do with it. Anyone can play the guitar but it takes taste and intuition to come up with music that is listenable.

Although I am not interested in releasing my music commercially anymore, I am happy to be able to share it with my son and the people who like it. I will be putting up all my future songs for free download. There will be volumes of stuff when I get done with it.

At the end of the day looking at my boy bop his head while I play him a new tune is enough to make me feel good. I don't need to play Rock the World for 20,000 people anymore or have a video on TV like a few years ago to be fulfilled because I've been there and done that. It's overrated. Staying home and playing with the kid is so much better.

The new single "Death Defying Stunt" is on it's way to being mixed. I am happy with it so far. Listening to it gives me a new lease of life. Wait for it. It rocks!!!