Thursday, October 01, 2009


I have been spending hours each night after my boy sleeps writing songs and just practicing the guitar in preparation for recording. One thing I realize is that music is just part of me and the guitar is my best friend. That has been the case since my early teens. Part of me will always be the anti-social boy who would rather spend his days in the room noodling on the guitar rather than go out and do anything else.

My new songs are more adventurous but not too far out to be experimental. Experimental usually means unlistenable to me. That is one place I won't go. I have always tried my best to find hooks and catchy chords or melodies to carry the song so people will find at least something interesting about it. My voice is average at best. My guitar playing is utilitarian and not fancy but I can do certain things that are distinctive to me that I don't hear anyone else doing. You'll have to hear my songs to know what I'm talking about.

Lately I have been practicing different techniques on the guitar that I want to use when I record. They require some technical ability in order to be played cleanly and accurately. Recording requires precision. I am sloppy most of the time because I normally only play when I am writing a song rather than just to improve my guitar playing for it's own sake. But now I am doing both and I find it gives me a sense of purpose.

The next hurdle is trying to record everything on my own. New technology has made things easier. People are making music on their laptops these days so I don't see why I can't do the same. Equipment is also becoming more affordable. Recording at home will give me more flexibility. I don't have to waste time travelling to the studio. These days I don't even want to leave the house unless I have to. I have everything need at home.

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