Saturday, July 04, 2009

My grandmother and Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson made me think a lot about my grandmother. That might seem odd to a person who doesn't know me but my fondest childhood memories are definitely tied to her and Michael Jackson.

Thriller was the first album that I ever owned. I was 9 years old at the time and I played that tape everyday, all day until it wore out and then I went out and bought another one and another one..

My grandmother used to love to see me do the moonwalk. She would give me RM10 to do the moves for her in our living room with the music playing in the background. That gave me more money to buy more tapes. $10 was a lot of money for a kid back then. I had never been so excited about anything before so she wanted to share my excitement.

I was never an extroverted child and was always a bit shy. However when the music came on I always did my thing. She became a Michael Jackson fan because I was a Michael Jackson fan. That was all we talked about at one point. What a wonderful grandmother she was to indulge a kid like that!!!

She might not be around anymore but I think about her all the time. No one ever made me feel more loved than she did. Life was simple and uncomplicated back then.

As for Michael Jackson, the fact that he created a bond between a child and his grandmother is enough reason for me to always be his fan. It is a big loss to the world that he is no longer able to do that for other people. But his music is timeless and will live on long after we are all gone.

My boy is going to be dancing to "Beat it" one day, I know that for sure. When Billie Jean came on in the car the other day he was grooving to the bassline and smiling at me already.

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