Saturday, July 11, 2009


My boy Siddharth and I were watching something on TV recently when he turned to me and said "itar". I can't remember what band was playing but I looked at him puzzled at first. He gave me a frown, got off the sofa, went to his playpen and pointed to his toy guitar and said "itar" again. Then I realized he was referring to the guitar the guy was playing on TV.

It is another major milestone for him and he knew it as well because he was grinning and going around the whole day saying it. Whenever he says something we understand he seems more happy than usual.

I am still waiting for him to say car because he keeps pointing to it and saying Papa. Anything that has to do with me is mostly Papa to him. Even the guitar was Papa not long ago.

Because of Sid I have been playing more guitar than usual. He is the one who keeps me on my toes by pointing to it, wanting me to play. If I don't humour him he starts making noise. Normally I play him the "Tigger and Pooh" theme song or "Twinkle Little Star" but now I have come up with a bluesy theme song just for him since he likes to groove to a good rhythm. He could be a drummer the way he taps his hands and feet in time.

Now even when he is asleep at night, I am in my little room downstairs working on some new songs and playing for the fun of it. Somehow he has gotten me interested in playing again. Before he came along all my guitars were collecting dust in the store room.

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