Saturday, May 23, 2009


We started sending our boy Siddharth to a nursery recently and he took to it quite well after a while. Naturally, the first few days involved a lot of crying. His mother was crying too although it was done discreetly in the car. How can you not cry when you have to leave your child crying with someone else and just walk away as if it's not a big deal?

I was told that some fathers cry too but I didn't allow the waterworks to start in my case because I kept thinking I was going to see him in a few hours anyway. What's wrong with letting him play and make new friends. It's not like I am leaving him at an orpahanage never to see him again. But having said that I felt apprehensive enough to want to go back and wait outside the gate at the nursery or equip the place with CCTV cameras just to check in with what's going on.

Sidd settled in fast and seemed to be enjoying himself until he came down with a runny nose and cough which was then followed by a terrible viral fever. Just before that he also came down with diarrhoea. All that happened in the first two weeks. I guess he wasn't used to the germs lurking in the place.

Swapping germs and catching illnesses is the biggest downside to sending your child to a nursery. Siddharth has a habit of putting things in his mouth and licking things. It's hard to control unless your eyes are on him all the time. Even then he will throw a tantrum if you stop him from doing anything. Keeping the place clean might help but there are so many kids in a nursery and you can't possibly sterilise every area 24/7.

If you've ever had your child sick, you know it's a nightmare. It's bad enough when it's a runny nose and a cough. When the high fever starts suddenly in the middle of the night, you can't help but panic a little. In Sid's case the fever came very suddenly and it went up to 104degrees. It was his first time running a high fever so we panicked.

Giving him paraceutemal and sponging him down to cool his body is all you can do to bring his temperature down. There were a few tough nights having to deal with that. I am glad we invested in a good thermal thermometer and had the paraceutemal ready.

It turned out that he had the roseola virus because his face was covered with some sort of heat rash after the fever subsided. Apparently that is a classic symptom or roseola. The doctor said it is nothing to worry about and is very common. The only thing to do is to monitor his temperature and keep it down. Febrile fits are only known to happen when the fever is allowed to get too high.

He still has a runny nose and is still coughing today but at least his fever hasn't come back. We just have to let it run it's course. It good for his immune system to fight these things off. He is will be stronger for it but quite honestly I would rather not have to deal with the fever again.