Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stranger Anxiety!

My boy Siddharth is getting more attached to his mother and I as the days go by. At times I can't even leave the room without him making a fuss. He has even started to cry when I leave for work. His mom has to distract him and take him elsewhere when I leave or he will scream bloody murder. It's called separation anxiety from what I have read.

When I come home from work I make it up to him by carrying him to the playground near our house. The boy enjoys our walks. That is the only time he really keeps quiet. He is overwhelmed by all the visual stimulus around him and is particularly fascinated by the other kids playing. Even dogs barking and cars going by make him stare with amusement. Try carrying a 10kg kid for a 45 minute walk around the park everyday. You can cancel your gym membership.

Another fascinating thing is that he has also started having stranger anxiety. Until recently anyone could carry him without him crying but now even his grandma can make him cry and protest if he hasn't seen her for a while. It is interesting because I have read that it is another major milestone for babies. They are more discerning as to who they take to at around 8 months. Siddharth will be 8 months next week, so he is right on schedule.

Today I took him to my auntie's place and he wasn't interested in anyone carrying him apart from me and his mother. It funny to see how dissapointed my relatives were at him tearing up and not taking to them. I tell them it is normal for babies his age to be that way but they probably just think he's being difficult. They really should know better. My cousin has a baby of his own. She is 4 months old and will be going through the same thing when she reaches 8 months. They will find out for themselves.

Some people think babies are play-things that they can manipulate however they want. What they don't realize is that YOU are their play-thing. If they don't want to play with you, they will make it known loud and clear. And if they want you to humour them by playing, they will also make it known, perhaps even louder and clearer. You are at their disposal, not the other way around. The things you learn being a parent are astounding!

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