Monday, September 22, 2008


I will be recording a few songs next week. It's about time. Music is my life and I will not forsake it no matter what else I've got going on. It has kept me sane when I have thought of giving up and inspired me to do things I wouldn't have bothered about otherwise.

I have about a dozen songs and ideas. Some are instrumentals while others follow the standard pop-rock song format. It is just mainly me this time. I am stripping it down. The acoustic guitar will have to carry the songs by itself. No more band for me. I have changed the tuning of my guitar to incorporate playing rhythm and lead at the same time. It is liberating. I am no guitar great like Robert Johnson but I think I can play my own brand or music well enough.

I will put the songs up for streaming once I'm done. Will have to set up a new myspace page because some asshole hacked into my Tragicomedy myspace account last year and I haven't been able to log in since. That's ok. I like the idea of starting over. This time I am going to change the password as often as I can.

I have a song called "Theatre of Life" that is one of the catchiest things I have written. There are a couple more that are catchy in a quirky way because I am going a little off-kilter on these. Have to keep things interesting for myself too instead of just doing the obvious.

Hope it goes well. I only have a short time to record. Family life and work are still the priority at the moment.

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