Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have had to lose a few kilos in the last few weeks because in addition to having trouble buttoning my pants, I was also feeling a little out of sorts and lethargic. When I checked the scale last month I was shocked to to find out I was about 90kgs. That is almost 200lbs. If I was a boxer I could fight in the heavyweight division.

I don't know why I was shocked because my clothes were all getting tighter by the day. The last straw was when I tried to wear my old wedding suit to a friend's reception and the pants wouldn't fit. My wife and mother-in-law took the opportunity to call me fat and I can't blame them.

Last year I weighed myself regularly to make sure I didn't go over 85kg. That is a decent manageable weight that doesn't require major sacrifice on my part. However a person of my height,5"10, should really be only 78kgs or less. I was around that weight when i got married four years ago. Every year since then my weight has been creeping up.

This year I completely neglected the weighing scale until recently. Maybe it's the baby factor. I see a lot of my friends also balloon up when they have a baby. I guess I am no different. It makes sense for the wife to put on weight. But what excuse do fathers have for packing on the pounds. I guess contentment and happiness could be used as an excuse for letting yourself go but that seems like a cop-out.

Anyway, I have lost about 4kgs in the last few weeks. I am now 86kgs. All I did was cut out the rice and eat less during the day. Since dinner is home cooked there is no way I could avoid that. But rice was kept to a minimum.

I don't have time to exercise so all I do is some push-ups and sit-ups every now and then. It helps. My pants fit slightly better now. My energy level is coming back. It would be good to start swimming and playing football again but I would rather spend my free time playing with my little boy than out kicking a ball or at the gym.

Maintenance is the key. If I let myself go I could easily be over 200lbs and have to buy new pants every so often. Once you start buying bigger pants there is no end to how much bigger you will grow. I am just glad I can still fit into my old pants. My goal is to try to be able to wear the same size pants when I'm 50. My wife might call me vain but I am sure she would prefer me being lean and healthy looking rather than a fat old uncle.

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