Thursday, August 07, 2008

18 weeks

My son Siddharth is 18 weeks now and is a very cheerful and good natured boy when not having problems with reflux and being over tired. The best part of the day for him is when he wakes up in the morning. He smiles from ear to ear and chuckles non-stop the moment he sees our face. All he wants is for us to pick him up and take him around the house. If he gets a good night sleep he will usually have a good day. However, if he is still tired or dealing with reflux, then be prepared to put away any thoughts of having a peaceful day. Everyday is new adventure with our boy.

My wife is in love with her little one and easily forgets the hardships she goes through in terms of lack of sleep, breast engorgement and the like. All he has to do is flash his million dollar smile and all is forgottten. That is the power of a charming little baby who likes to smile when he is in a good mood. His bad moods are easily forgiven because we know it is short lived.

I took my guitar out again a few days ago and played a few tunes for him and instinctively he moved to the rhythm like it was second nature to him. Only after about thirty seconds in did he stop and try to figure out where the sound was coming from by looking at my hands strumming and fretting the guitar. After a while he started reaching for the guitar strings himself. When he couldn't reach it with his hands, he tried it with his legs. However, like all babies, his attention didn't last long. He was looking elsewhere for something to pick up and put in his mouth in no time.

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