Friday, July 18, 2008

New Songs!!!

Lately I have been getting emails from people who are still interested in getting a copy of my last album "Songs That Won't Sell". That album was released 3 years ago but due to a new video and single "Time Well Spent" being played on HITZ.TV, there has been renewed interest and people wanting to get a copy of the cd. The bad news is that it is no longer available in the stores. However I can send a copy to anyone who is interested if they send me an email with their details.

I have also written a bunch of new songs that I hope to record in the near future. Being busy with family life and having work responsibilities doesn't make it easy for me to spend time on my music. However, as long as I am alive and still writing songs, I will try my best to put it out. It doesn't matter if a few hundred or a few thousand get to hear it. If my boy can listen to it one day and realize that his father is not such a square, then it would be worthwhile.

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