Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to square one.

Just when I thought things had taken a turn for the better and my boy had overcome his colicky behaviour, it comes back in full force. He is making noise from the time he wakes up until he sleeps, arching his back, kicking and basically not being able to sit still. Day time naps are nonexistent so that makes it worse.

A couple of months ago when he was at the peak of his gassiness, we had to carry him around all day to calm him. It got better after a while but now we are back to square one. The difference is that now, at almost 8kgs, he is 3kgs heavier than he was back then. My poor wife and her mother are having backaches to deal with. I can only help out for an hour or two in the evening when I am home from work, before he goes to sleep and also on weekends.

We have taken him to the doctor numerous times. At almost 4 months now he should be past his colicky stage. The reason for his discomfort at the moment, according to the doctor, is his acid reflux. We have been giving him medication to help control his reflux but so far it doesn't seem to work. He is crying more than ever.

From what I have read, babies will grow out of their reflux eventually. When they are able to sit up comfortably, their stomach will be able to settle a little better and the reflux will go away. That sounds great but for us that is still months away. Having to deal with a fussy baby for one day is hard enough, another few months will wear us out. I am just glad my wife and her mother are able to deal with it. At least they can take turns carrying him. If it was my wife alone attending to the baby, she would collapse in a few days. I would have no choice but to quit work and go back to help her.

My wife is envious of people with easy babies who sleep easily and only stir to be fed or changed. Most babies we come across seem to be like that. From what I'm told only five percent of babies have reflux and are as difficult as ours.

From my own experience most people can't relate to what we're going through. All I can say is that every child is different. If I hear anyone make light of our situation and compare their peaceful little baby to ours, I am going make sure they get more than just a piece of my mind. Likely a piece of my foot.

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