Friday, April 18, 2008


My baby boy Siddharth Dejun Chandra arrived safely on April 8 at 13:03. Mother and child are now comfortably back home. Right now he looks more like his mother but it is too soon to tell how he will turn out because he is changing so rapidly. His presence is felt at all times due to his constant demands for suckling. The boy thinks his mother's boobs are an extension of his body.

I won't go on about how having a baby has changed me and how it is the greatest thing in the world because every parent has felt the same. I am still the same person. Only difference is I get less sleep and have little time to think about anything other than my boy.

Fathers are not biologically equipped to really do much apart from diaper change and perhaps carrying the baby around to pacify him every now and then. I say that because when the boy starts to wail uncontrollably and with no end in sight the only thing you can do is pass him to his mother. At that point the only thing that can stop the whole neighbourhood from waking up is to let him suckle on his mom's boobs.

Mothers really have their work cut out for them. It is really tough trying to placate a baby when all he wants is to use you as a pacifier. Feeding is one thing but my boy is using his mother as a human pacifier almost 24 hours a day. We tried using the dummy pacifier on him and he rejected it outright. You should have seen the look of disgust on his face. The boy ain't stupid. He knows what you're up to.

Sometimes I wonder why I always gave my mother such a hard time. If she had to go through anything like what my wife is going through she should have been anointed a saint a long time ago. I hope my son will grow up to appreciate his mother. It's about time I start appreciating my mother too.