Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My father told me a while back that there is nothing like anticipating the birth of your child. I am both anxious and excited about it. As the due date draws closer I keep thinking about all that my wife will be going through during delivery. She seems cool and unworried about it though. Since the talk about the epidural during parentcraft class last month she seems to be looking forward to the delivery. I should remind her that even with an epidural taking away the pain down there, pushing out a 7-8lb baby is still going to be like running a marathon. You need to be strong and have the stamina. It could take 12 hours. Whatever it is, the baby will be coming out one way or another.

Having a baby has brought my wife and I a lot closer together. It's amazing how having something other than ourselves to worry about is all you need to make things better. When that something is what both of you created, the bond becomes stronger.

I know I will love my child passionately but we all know that it takes more than love to raise a child. I want to change diapers and bathe him and make sure everything is taken care of. Of course I can't breastfeed him but I am grateful that my wife can and is willing to.

These days I see a lot of good fathers and mothers around. Many friends of mine have beaten me to parenthood. Looking at them with their kids makes me have more respect for them. These are people who are almost unrecognizable from how they were before having kids. It is inspiring to see them be so loving and responsible. Of course I still see the odd mother whacking her kid in supermarket but that is rare these days.

I don't think I will ever lay a hand on my child. I've been there and felt that end of the stick growing up. It wasn't fun. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. All I want is for my child to grow up happy.

These next few weeks are going to be nerve-wracking for me. I want to be ready when the time comes. The doctor says the baby is already 6.5lbs with another four weeks to go. If he gets too big my wife might need to be induced early. Apparently babies grow an extra 1-1.5lbs in the last few weeks. So that would make my baby about 8lbs if he goes full term. That is a healthy weight for a baby but the mother needs to be able to handle it.

My wife is a small woman so the weight on her pelvic bone might be unbearable by then. As it is even now she is having sleepless nights due to back pain, numbness in her legs and strain on her pelvis.

I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about all this. The bags are already packed and ready to make the trip to the hospital.

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