Monday, December 10, 2007


I found out last week that I am going to have a little boy. The gender wasn't that important to me. I just wanted to know if the baby was well.

It was a relief to find out that he is healthy and growing well in his mummys's tummy. The doctor did a 4D scan which covered everything from head to toe. We could even look into his brain, heart, lungs and kidney. When it got down to the nether regions I had little doubt that we're going to have a big boy in our hands.

I am excited. Can't wait to meet my boy. The ultrasound showed that he sleeps like me with his hand to his mouth. My wife says he even looks a bit like me already. I hope he doesn't look too much like me though. He won't thank me if he gets my nose. He would do much better to look more like his mother.

I don't know how good a father I will be but I know for sure that I am going to have fun with him and spend as much time making sure that he grows up a happy and healthy person. I will try to raise him to have all the self-esteem and confidence that I lacked growing up. That's one thing I will try my hardest to make sure of.

I've been reading up on all things concerning fatherhood lately. I'm going to sing and play lullabies on the guitar so that I can amuse my boy. I've already got a list of children's books that I want to read to him when the time comes. I even know how I want to dress him and comb his hair. When he starts walking I'm going to teach him how to kick a football. The list goes on...

First off I just hope the next few months before his arrival goes smoothly. I may be getting a little ahead of myself but I can't help it. I'm just excited. Millions of fathers in my position have felt the same I'm sure.

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