Thursday, August 30, 2007


My wife completed her Master's Degree in Education a couple of months ago and graduated with a distinction. But before she got her results the poor deluded woman put herself through the turmoil of being worried sick for weeks because she thought she was going to fail. Alas all her worries were unfounded, as they usually are. I was never worried. She is the one with the brains in this family.

Seems like an eternity since I had to worry about keeping up the grades and graduating. It has been almost ten years since I last sat for an exam or wrote a paper that would determine if I would get something out of all the years I spent in College. I took it for granted but I really miss those days now.

I wasn't a great student. My lack of direction at the time was no doubt frustrating to my father. Though I was never in any danger of flunking out, my grades were nothing to write home about. Being motivated wasn't one of my character traits. It still isn't.

I had the privelage of studying at the right place though. Liberal Arts was always my strong point and Buffalo State College was the largest liberal arts college in the State University of New York system and offered all the courses I was interested in studying.

Indulging myself in taking classes in Music, Art History, Philosophy, Religion and Broadcasting was great. In fact I was close to graduating with a major in Broadcasting until I started taking too many Philosophy clasess and ended up graduating with a major in that instead.

Even though I didn't come back an accountant, lawyer or a doctor, I studied what I was interested in and met some interesting people. It was during this time that I really learnt how to write songs and use it as a form of expression and catharsis. I do it to this day and it has proven to be the cheapest form of therapy for me.

One thing I will tell my kids, when they finally come around, is to enjoy the time they spend as students no matter what they are studying because they won't get that chance again. It only comes around once. Make the most of it.

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